1. Assigning to students. Unless I’m wrong…this isn’t very helpful. When you create a plan and then assign the task to a person or a group of people that ONE task is assigned so if any ONE assignee clicks DONE then the clas is complete for everyone. How do you assign each person their own task to complete so that they ALL have to complete the tasks? That’s what Planner needs and as far as I can tell is still missing.

    1. Author

      There’s different use cases. If this is a group project- one person (maybe the teacher, maybe a group member) creates and assigns tasks. If the teacher wants each student to have an identical checklist of their own for a project, I would walk them through them setting up their own Plan, showing it on the projector as they each create their plan on their device. After doing that a couple of times, (depending on the age of your students) hopefully that modeling will soon prepare them to make their own plans.

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