I’m starting a new series today- the Chrome Extension of the Day.

So, just what is a chrome extension?

According to https://developer.chrome.com/extensions, and they sound like they would know, “Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser.”  So they are like programs that are attached to your Chrome Browser (not the device).  You find them in the Chrome Store and choose which ones you want to add to your Chrome Browser.  That way, no matter what device you are on, if you log into your Chrome Browser, all your extensions are automatically available to you.  These are the ones I currently have turned on. 

Chrome Extension icons

As you can see, each is identified by a space-saving icon, so you can fit many on your toolbar.  If you click on “the snowman”- the three vertical that is really an ellipse turned on its side- then click on “more tools”, you can then click on “Extensions”.

Menu to find Chrome Extensions

Once there, you can turn the extensions you already have on and off.

list of Chrome Extensions
A sampling of my Chrome extensions

If you scroll down to the bottom you can click on Get more extensions.

Get more extensions

This opens the Chrome Web Store.  Since you are looking specifically for Extensions, “Extensions” is selected on the left, which you can tell because it is highlighted in blue.

The Chrome Store
Welcome to the Chrome Store!

You can scroll down through suggested categories, or search, using the search box and filters in the left column.

Beginning tomorrow, I will begin highlighting the Extensions I have found useful in and around the classroom.

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