One of my favorite web-based tools for the classroom is EDpuzzle.   When you think about watching a video clip in the classroom, you probably picture something like this:  The teacher starts the video, but occasionally pauses to ask comprehension questions, to make sure students are paying attention, and to draw attention to important points.  Either that, or there is a worksheet full of questions from the video.  The worksheet has the advantage of holding everyone accountable, but loses the laser-pointer effect of the teacher pausing and drawing attention to things as they come up. EDpuzzle moves the video to individual student devices, and embeds questionsRead More →

A tool similar to Symbaloo Lesson Plans is TES Blendspace, which was, as the name implies, originally created for blended learning environments, but is totally applicable to any classroom with access to web-enabled devices.  I recently took a PowerPoint that contained all of the content for a 3 ½ hour session of a grad course I teach and moved it into Blendspace.  Essentially, I chunked the PowerPoint. As students progressed through the Blendspace, they would see a few slides from the PowerPoint in the first box, then a video in another box, some more slides, then a weblink, then a document, then a Padlet toRead More →