I love that education has begun embracing the idea that students can show what they have learned in a variety of ways.  I love that students have access to digital tools that facilitate creativity.  It’s great that some of the easiest options to give them are already on our devices, in Microsoft Office.  For many of my students, PowerPoint was always their go-to option when they had a choice.  What I don’t love is how little time they spend on content, and how much time they spend on appearances- themes, fonts, (can we just ban Comic Sans?) and other tools to make it look good.

Remember, the idea was to give them different options to show what they’ve learned.  If they fail to include what they’ve learned, we’ve missed the point.

That’s why I love Microsoft Word.  Wait, Word?  I thought we were talking about alternatives to just writing a document?

Yes, Word, but not as a document, as a base to build content that Sway will use to create a first class presentation.

Type in the content.  Add web links.  Insert pictures and videos.  Use the oft-neglected Style buttons to make titles and headings.  Then, simply save to OneDrive, open OneDrive, go to Sway, and create a Sway from your document.


My recommendation is to have students do their work in Word, show it to their teacher, and once the teacher approves of the content, then they can go to Sway and, essentially, convert it into a scrolling presentation/website.  Check out the video below.

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