We’re drawing close to the end of the Inking tools under the Draw tab in OneNote.  In fact, this feature is technically under the View tab, but it’s still all about the ink.  Welcome to Day 11 of 365 Ideas for Office 365, where today we’re looking at Ink Replay.  Ink Replay allows you to play back any inking you’ve done in the OneNote app.  (Yes, this feature is only in the Windows 10 app.)  Sort of.  You can draw in OneNote 2016, or OneNote Online, and then play it back in the OneNote app, but then it works like writing in cursive in theRead More →

Ink to Text is another tool within the Draw tab in OneNote.  It allows you to write on OneNote’s whiteboard surface, even in cursive, and convert your handwriting to typed text.  This of course works best with either a stylus on a touchscreen or the pens on a smart board, but just to show it can be done, I’m using my mouse on a desktop in the videos in this post.  Speeded up, of course. Welcome to Day 10 of 365 Ideas for Office 365.  this week we’ve been looking at OneNote, specifically the amazing things you can do with tools under the Draw tab,Read More →