We’re drawing close to the end of the Inking tools under the Draw tab in OneNote.  In fact, this feature is technically under the View tab, but it’s still all about the ink.  Welcome to Day 11 of 365 Ideas for Office 365, where today we’re looking at Ink Replay. 

Ink Replay allows you to play back any inking you’ve done in the OneNote app.  (Yes, this feature is only in the Windows 10 app.)  Sort of.  You can draw in OneNote 2016, or OneNote Online, and then play it back in the OneNote app, but then it works like writing in cursive in the app. What does that mean?  See for yourself: 

Ink Replay in the OneNote app
Ink Replay in the OneNote app

Notice that when I print, each letter, or each stroke appears one at a time, but when I write in cursive it all appears at one time.  That’s because each stroke appears in its entirety, sequentially.  In cursive, I never lift my pen/pencil/stylus.  (In this case, I never let go of the left mouse button) until I finish the word.  Every time you “pick up the stylus” it completes one stroke. 

When you print in OneNote 2016 and replay in the OneNote app, the print is treated like one stroke. 

So, once again, we have a feature that is far superior in the OneNote app. 

When would you use this?  Students can replay notes, drawing, highlighting drawn by their teacher, sure.  But what if students were writing out the steps to a math problem?  Especially if they fix any of their steps because they made an error, or thought they did?  This is a great tool for quickly analyzing student thinking. 

It’s important to note that the only ink that replays is ink that is still ink.  That means if you use Ink to math, ink to text or ink to shape, that is no longer ink and won’t show up in the replay.

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