The other tool that teachers in our district have traditionally used to move entire PowerPoint-based lessons to, is SMART Notebook.  This is deliberately near the end of this series because it is an installed software that goes with the SMART brand interactive whiteboards (although there is a lot you can do with the software without the board.)  Moving a PowerPoint to SMART Notebook is a lot like moving it to Nearpod, except that you have a whole different set of interactive elements to add to it.  My co-teachers tended to create entire lesson presentations in SMART Notebook to present whole group.  I tended to focus on designing activities for the students to use individually on their own desktops or laptops.  You can search for lessons on the SMART Exchange that were created by classroom teachers, by publishers, and by SMART.

So, I mentioned at the beginning of this series that teachers may be returning to using PowerPoint.  With all of these other options, why would a forward-thinking teacher do that?

In a word (or two?), OfficeMix.  PowerPoint Office Mix is a free Add-in for Powerpoint, which you (or your support tech) can download here.  Office Mix allows teachers to do a number of things with their PowerPoint presentations, including recording a narration for each slide (Slide Recording) and adding quizzes.  

If you select the Screen Recording button, PowerPoint is minimized so you can record other programs and apps on your screen, so you can narrate within or outside of PowerPoint.  These tools make this an incredibly easy way to do a flipped classroom.  By adding links and videos, teachers can do essentially the same things they would do in a hyperdoc, on Blendspace or Symbaloo Lesson Plans, but all within the already familiar PowerPoint platform.


So, for those of you who stuck this out to the bitter end, hopefully this ending was at least bittersweet, and now you know why, in this era of better alternatives to PowerPoint, even PowerPoint can be a better alternative to PowerPoint.

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