I suppose I should give a little more thought to what will be my inaugural post, however, I just recorded this little video, Introduction to Padlet, this afternoon, and that’s what’s on my mind, so that’s what I’m sharing first.  Padlet, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, is a website that allows you to create a semi-disposable website in about 2 minutes, that your students (or colleagues) can post to.  It’s an interactive site, ideal for group brainstorming.  Or sharing ideas.  Or posting collections.  Or creating a backchannel.  (Click here for a great Edutopia article explaining Backchannels in the classroom).  One cool feature is that you can customize the url.  The url is always padlet.com/your user name (so pick a short one) / whatever you pick.  So if I want to use today’s date, 0509, if I haven’t personally used that one before, it’s guaranteed to be available.  I’ve used it for one way communication to give participants in a workshop easy access to the sites I share with them.  Our EdCamps use them so participants can record each others’ great ideas in their sessions, and even access the Padlets from the sessions they missed.  Students (and teachers) can post way more than just text.  you can post web links, documents, photos, videos, and actually any kind of file.  You can click on someone’s post to open a preview, or download their file.  You could even use Padlet to run a paperless classroom if you’re not already using Google Classroom, Edmodo, Blackboard or another LMS.  (Or Microsoft Teams.  I hope to post about that soon.)

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