Does it still count as Chrome Extension of the Day if you don’t post daily?  Last week we covered EDpuzzle, the website.  Which, was, of course, just a set-up, for today’s Chrome Extension of the Day (CEotD), the EDpuzzle extension.  This one is pretty straightforward.  When you add it to your Chrome browser, it just sort of sits here, all grayed out.  Or greyed out, if you prefer.

Greyed out EdPuzzle Chrome Extension button

If you click on it, it doesn’t really do anything.

Menu options when clicking on EDpuzzle Chrome Extension butotn

To make it work its magic, you have to go to YouTube.

Below any video you go to on YouTube, lurking beneath the bottom right corner of the video, is the EDpuzzle logo.  Not grayed/greyed out.  Oh, no.  This is in full, living color.

Edit with EDpuzzle button on YouTube

If you’re following along, (that means you’ve added the Chrome Extension and you’re now on YouTube), go ahead and click the Edit with EDpuzzle button.

It takes the video directly into EDpuzzle, right to the editing screen.  It is ready to crop and add the interactive features to, one click, directly from YouTube.  Since I am signed into my Chrome browser, it took the video right into my own EDpuzzle account without even having to log in.  How convenient is that?

Some Chrome extensions are a revolutionary little tool that does something truly innovative.  But the vast majority, like this one, are just incredibly convenient.  If I’m already on EDpuzzle, all this does is save me from copying and pasting the url.  It saves me a few seconds.  But if I am not already there, and I  am just scrolling around YouTube when I run across a video I’d like to use with a class, it’s a much bigger convenience.

How cool is that?  If you don’t know how cool that is, go back and see last week’s EDpuzzle post!

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