As promised late last week, here is the first installment of the Chrome Extension of the Day.  First up is Screencastify- “Simple Screen Video Recorder”.  As a reminder, a chrome extension is a mini-program that runs through the Chrome browser, usually from a third-party (not made by Google).

Screencasting, if you don’t know, means recording what is on your computer screen.  Various screencasting tools come with various features, including whether or not they can record audio from a microphone, or the computer’s system audio, and whether they can record just a single tab, or the entire desktop.  Screencastify has all of these options.  It even allows you to choose to record just a single application window (like Microsoft Word).

The free version allows recordings up to 10 minutes and up to 50 videos/month, but with a watermark.

In addition to removing the watermark and any limits to length or numbers of videos, the premium version also allows you to crop videos, and the additional exporting options of MP4 and GIF.

Play around with it over the summer, and get used to recording yourself, so you’ll be comfortable producing videos for your students by the next school year!

Recording options

Like many EdTech products, Screencastify is a freemium product, meaning it has a free version, but you can also pay for premium features.  Their website proclaims that with it, you can “Capture, edit and share video screencasts.”  The capture and share would be the free part, and the editing would be the premium part.  You can share through either Google Drive or Youtube.  Screencastify is one of the tools we use in our office to record video tutorials.

Here’s a really short recording I made with Screencastify, including computer audio, to show how Microsoft Learning Tools performs text to speech, using a document about a desktop robot we use for students in the hospital to attend school virtually.  That’s three different educational technologies. Does that count as “app-smashing”?

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