Today’s Chrome Extension of the Day is a simple but powerful organizational tool, OneTab.  OneTab is for all of us who are extreme multitaskers, and have so many tabs open in our browser that we can’t even see what they are any more.  The icon looks like a funnel, which is appropriate for what it does, which is to move all of your open tabs into a single tab that lists all of your other tabs.  Wow, that was wordy.  Just check out the before and after pics below.

Image of Chrome window with over a dozen tabs open.(Before)


Image of single tab with list of all other previously open tabs, after clicking ONeTab icon.(After)


Now you can see exactly what each tab is.  Mine happens to be a nice, healthy mix or work and play.  As you click on any tab you want to work on right now, it opens  again in its own tab.  If you eventually reopen a lot of tabs, you can always click the OneTab icon again.  If, on the other hand, you want to completely revert back to separate tabs, you can simply click on “Restore All”.  But there is another cool feature as well.  Imagine you have a bunch of websites you want to share with a colleague or a class.  If you open them all, then click on OneTab, once they are condensed into a single tab, you have the option to click on  “share as web page”.  This creates a page that you can share via either a QR Code, or by simply sharing the url for.  Whoever you share it with can then open each of the sites  as needed.  So, by sharing one page, you share them all!  Finally, you can also name, lock, or star that group of tabs.  The video below shows many of these features in action.

How simple, but how useful, is that?

How will you and your colleagues and students use this?

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