This one is not at first obviously apparent that it is for Office 365, because it’s all about Wakelet, but we will tie it in before we’re done.  So welcome to Day 50 of 365 Ideas for Office 365 I’m admittedly late to “riding the Wakelet wave”- I finally jumped onboard when, we’ll, we’ll get to that at the end. What is Wakelet? Wakelet is a social bookmarking site.  Think of it kind of like an educational Pinterest, but not exactly. You can choose a topic and create a board, adding your digital resources to it. These can be links to websites or uploaded files. Read More →

Sections in PowerPoint.  Yes, PowerPoint now allows you to create sections.  This is obviously useful for organization, but it is especially helpful if you want to create a slideshow that you don’t necessarily want to go through in a set order.  This, in turn, is also extremely useful if you are sharing a slideshow asynchronously and it doesn’t necessarily need to be in a set order.  Day 49 of 365 Ideas for Office 365 is yet another #OnlyinPowerPoint. Benefits of Sections when Creating Slideshows One benefit of PowerPoint sections is that they function like headings in a word document.  In Word, if you hover yourRead More →

In less than 36 hours I will be on a plane to Palm Springs for the Spring CUE Conference, where I will be presenting the session that this post gets its name from.  The title comes from years of sitting through years of PD about topics like student-centered classrooms and active engagement, delivered via lecture and PowerPoint.  Why is it such a difficult concept that the same factors that determine the effectiveness of instruction with students also apply when teachers are in the role of students?  Why is it so rare for purveyors of profound pedagogy to practice it personally?  We will review some literatureRead More →

OK , so I’ve already written about Padlet once, and this is only my seventh post, but I have to write about Padlet again already.  Because they just brought a whole lot of FRESH to Padlet.  I noticed last week when I was introducing Padlet to some teachers that they added some new formatting, but apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re not already familiar with this incredibly versatile, free online tool, check out my post from May 10, 2017.  This “update” increases the choices of basic formats from 3 to 5, and also adds 9 templates to choose from.  (ThinkRead More →

The other tool that teachers in our district have traditionally used to move entire PowerPoint-based lessons to, is SMART Notebook.  This is deliberately near the end of this series because it is an installed software that goes with the SMART brand interactive whiteboards (although there is a lot you can do with the software without the board.)  Moving a PowerPoint to SMART Notebook is a lot like moving it to Nearpod, except that you have a whole different set of interactive elements to add to it.  My co-teachers tended to create entire lesson presentations in SMART Notebook to present whole group.  I tended to focusRead More →