Nearpod Co-teacher and more! Co-teachers rejoice! Co-teacher support is here! Nearpod continues to innovate and several of the newer features specifically address the new realities of remote and hybrid learning. And let’s be honest, those are here to stay to some degree post-COVID. Let’s take a look at the newest features first. We’ll then work our way back in time a little as we scroll down, in case it’s been a minute since you explored Nearpod. Co-teacher Feature First up, co-teacher support. I worked in Special Education for over 20 years. I was, in fact, a co-teacher when in first started using Nearpod. If myRead More →

Does it still count as Chrome Extension of the Day if you don’t post daily?  Last week we covered EDpuzzle, the website.  Which, was, of course, just a set-up, for today’s Chrome Extension of the Day (CEotD), the EDpuzzle extension.  This one is pretty straightforward.  When you add it to your Chrome browser, it just sort of sits here, all grayed out.  Or greyed out, if you prefer. If you click on it, it doesn’t really do anything. To make it work its magic, you have to go to YouTube. Below any video you go to on YouTube, lurking beneath the bottom right corner ofRead More →