Merge Shapes There is a unique and useful tool in PowerPoint that allows you to select multiple shapes and merge (combine) them in 5 different ways, with varying effects. You can choose Union Combine Fragment Intersect Subtract Welcome to Day 4 of 365 Ideas for Office 365.  (You didn’t think I’d make it this far, did you?) We’re continuing week One’s focus on PowerPoint gems. Types of Merges Union is like laying one on top of another and gluing them together. Combine is similar, but it deletes anywhere that one shape overlaps the other. Fragment breaks them into three pieces- the part of shape 1Read More →

There are several tools that specialize in creating a timeline.  Some require accounts and logins, which are tricky with CIPA and COPPA, and some just aren’t free.  Then there’s PowerPoint, which you and your students probably already have complete access to.  Welcome to Day 3 of 365 Ideas for Office 365. This week we’re looking at some tools built into PowerPoint. PowerPoint online has 1 style of Timeline and the desktop version of PowerPoint has 2 styles of Timeline, Basic and Circle Accent.  In both cases, they are under the Insert tab, under Smart Art. PowerPoint Desktop PowerPoint Online Basic versus Circle Accent The BasicRead More →

Did you know Microsoft has a library of 3D models?  Did you know you can search that library from within PowerPoint and insert them into your PowerPoints?  You can also add your own 3D creations from 3D Paint and 3D Builder, or even Minecraft! Welcome to Day 2 of 365 Ideas for Office 365. Simply click on the Insert tab, and click on the dropdown next to 3D Models and choose “From Online Sources” to access Microsoft’s library.  Choose from a file to insert your own 3D images from any of the Windows 3D apps. Remix 3D is the name of the library, and thisRead More →