Yesterday, in between introducing several high school teachers to Flipgrid, I wrote an introduction to Flipgrid.  Today we will look at all the ways students can access Flipgrid.  For day 88 of 365 Ideas for Office 365, we’re sticking with Flipgrid!  (This is very much a How-To post.  If I bore you today, come back tomorrow for the fun stuff, which Flipgrid has plenty of.)


There are several ways you can make Accessing Flipgrid easy so your students can get right to your Grid or Topic.  If you aren’t using another digital platform (Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, etc.), when they go to the Flipgrid website or open the app on their phone, they can enter a Flipcode or scan a QR code, as seen here- the top left corner of the website.

Screenshot of upper left corner of where students can join a Flipgrid Grid or Topic

Joining a Grid in Flipgrid

You can find those codes on your teacher dashboard.  If you are showing a whole Grid, you can see this option- the Flip Code to your entire Grid.

Scfeenshot of the Flip Code to access a Grid

If you click the Share button and you will see these options.

Screenshot showing the url and other sharing options fr ra Grid in Fliipgrid

Notice that everything after the / in the url is the same as the Flip Code.

There are also options to open the QR code, get the embed code, or send directly to Google Classroom or Remind.  Notably missing, since Microsoft bought Flipgrid over a year ago, is Microsoft Teams.  There’s a good reason for that, which you’ll see below.

If you share a code to get to your Grid, your students will see all of the Topics in the Grid.  They can click on any open Topic and respond.

Accessing a Specific Topic in Flipgrid

If you want to send them directly to a specific Topic, and most of the time you will, you have to share the Code to the Topic instead of to the whole Grid.

You can do that by clicking on the “Share” button for that Topic.  This opens a window exactly like the one pictured above for the Grid, except a different url that goes directly to the Topic

Screenshot of Share buttons for two Topics in the same Grid
Share buttons for two Topics in the same Grid

This opens a window exactly like the one pictured above for the Grid, except a different url that goes directly to the Topic. Once again, the Flip Code is everything after the / in the  url. If you click to open the Topic, you will see that Flip Code.

Screenshot of the Flip Code for a specific Topic

Flipgrid is Inside of Microsoft Teams

Now let’s address that Microsoft Teams issue.

If you are using Microsoft Teams, you can use the Flipgrid app from within Teams.

Screenshot of the Flipgrid app inside of Microsoft Teams
Screenshot of the Flipgrid interface inside of Teams

This essentially places the entire Flipgrid website into your Team.  Teachers can create a Grid or Topic directly within Teams, and students can respond without ever leaving Teams as well. Now that you know what Flipgrid is, and how to give your students access to it, tomorrow we will look at all the fun features students can use before, during and after recording their video responses.

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