Did you know Microsoft has a library of 3D models?  Did you know you can search that library from within PowerPoint and insert them into your PowerPoints?  You can also add your own 3D creations from 3D Paint and 3D Builder, or even Minecraft!

Welcome to Day 2 of 365 Ideas for Office 365.

Simply click on the Insert tab, and click on the dropdown next to 3D Models and choose “From Online Sources” to access Microsoft’s library.  Choose from a file to insert your own 3D images from any of the Windows 3D apps.

Insert 3D model into PowerPoint
Insert 3D model into PowerPoint

Remix 3D is the name of the library, and this is just the top of the list.  Scroll down for much, much more.

3D mage library in Remix 3D
3D image library in Remix 3D

Many of the models can simply be rotated to view from all angles, and once you place them on a slide, they are resizable, movable and you can format the models like any other object you place on a slide in PowerPoint.

You can also either zoom into the slide or click on a 3D model, click on the format tab and zoom and pan.

Notice also in the library that there are a number of animated 3D models.  That means in addition to rotating the models, they have motion, and you can rotate them while they are in motion.  Some are just silly, like this toaster.

Others have a much clearer educational purpose:

For a short video tutorial on creating these, check this one out.

As with all things 3D, VR or AR, a 3D model does not a lesson make, but it can be part of a educationally nutritious and very engaging lesson, whether created by the teacher or the students!

3D models.  Putting the Power in PowerPoint.

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