Several of the OneNote summer updates have to do with options for distribution of content to students in OneNote Class Notebook.  Welcome to Day 59 of 365 Ideas for Office 365OneNote makes differentiation easy. 

Differentiating content and assignments

What do you do when you are not running a digital classroom, and you haven’t gone paperless, and you want to differentiate by giving a different assignment to different students?  Easy, you hand a different sheet to different students.  How do you do the same in a digital classroom?  Well, if that digital classroom is using OneNote Class Notebook you simply use Individual page distribution, like in this screenshot shared by Mike Tholfsen in the announcement of these new features.

Distribute to Individuals

Selecting individuals to distribute a page to in OneNote Class Notebook

Simply select the students you want to distribute the assignment or information to.  This can also be used to deliver additional resources to some students to help them complete a task that was assigned to everyone.  (Scaffolding supports). Everyone gets what they need, even though it might be different from what someone else needs. And since the teacher sets this up while planning, there’s no forgetting or accidentally handing the wrong paper to the wrong student. (Or losing their work!)

Okay, so that accomplishes substitution- I can do the same thing digitally that I can do with paper.  How do I bump it up so I can make the digital classroom more efficient than the non-digital?

Distribute to Groups

How about Group distribution? In the OneNote Windows 10 app, you can create (perpetual) small groups within your class that you can utilize over and over.  IN other words, you don’t have to recreate the group every time you distribute content or assignments by reselecting.  You can create permanent small groups for distribution of differentiated content to.  Again, shout out to Mike Tholfsen for the screen shot.

Setting up and choosing groups of students to distribute a page or section to in OneNote Class Notebook

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more that you can do with OneNote Class Notebook.  We will just have to keep exploring it!

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