We interrupt the regularly scheduled article to introduce some amazing new updates to OneNote.  Day 58 of 365 Ideas for Office 365 is for the math teachers out there.  The OneNote Windows 10 app continues to be where Microsoft unleashes the innovation, even when it integrates with other tools.  In this case, the other tool is Microsoft Forms, where OneNote can autogenerate a quiz based on a sample problem.

OneNote Math Tools

You can create a single math problem in OneNote, and use the Math tool to solve it.  (Didn’t know OneNote did that?  Check it out here.)  But now, in addition to choosing to see the steps to solve the problem, AND open those solution steps in Immersive Reader to take advantage of all the reading tools there AND use the translation tools in Immersive Reader, OneNote can also autogenerate a quiz.

Just type or draw a single math problem in OneNote.  Use the select tool and “lasso” the equation.  Select “Solve for x” or “Solve for y”, and then a new option appears- “Generate a practice quiz”.

Microsoft Forms

This is where Microsoft Forms comes in.  When you click to generate the practice quiz, OneNote offers to create a quiz with 3 questions by default.  You can choose anywhere from 1 to 20 questions.  Microsoft uses machine learning (A.I) to create a quiz (autogenerate) with questions that are in the same format as the one you wrote or typed out.  Forms creates the questions, 4 answer choices, and an answer key.

Embedding the Forms Quiz in OneNote

The Forms quiz is supposed to then be embedded onto that OneNote page.  I’ve had mixed results with that part. If it automatically embeds, great. You are ready to share with students

If it doesn’t automatically embed, you have one extra step.

Open Forms from One Drive

Opening Microsoft Forms from the app launcher in One Drive

Find you new autogenerated quiz, click to open it

Finding your new Microsoft Forms math practice quiz in My Forms in Office 365

Click on Share,  Choose whether only people in your organization can respond (requires login to O365) or anyone with the link).  For a quiz, I suggest only people in your organization.

Sharing options for a Microsoft Form

Copy the link.  Go back to OneNote and paste the link on the page.

Sharing options

You can also copy and paste the link anywhere for students to access the quiz (including Google Classroom if you are so inclined).  In that case, students will take the quiz on Forms online and you will see their auto-graded results in Forms online as well.

However, if you instead distribute the page that the quiz is on through OneNote Class Notebook, then students can record their work on the OneNote page, and submit answers to the Form directly inside of OneNote.

You will still see the auto-graded results in Forms, but also have access to their work in OneNote.

Another amazing response to teacher feedback by the #OnlyinOneNote team!

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