There are a world of Minecraft lessons and worlds already pre-made and ready for you to find and use with your students. is Microsoft’s hub for all things Minecraft Education Edition, including Worlds and Lessons to go with those worlds on a variety of subjects.   These Minecraft lessons are the subject of Day 79 of 365 Ideas for Office 365.

Lesson Libraries

Whenever I conduct training on tools like Nearpod or Smart Notebook, after participants learn the basics of the tool from both the teacher and students side, the next step to implementing in the classroom is using the existing libraries of content.  It’s a great next step before trying to create your own content, because, of course, it’s already made for you.  But it is also easier to modify an existing world to create your own lessons than it is to make one from scratch.  In addition, teachers can get ideas for creating their own lesson from the samples and exemplars in the libraries.  Given the time that can be involved in creating an incredible looking world (which is, by the way, in no way a requirement to use Minecraft EE) it is possibly more relevant in Minecraft than most other education technology tools.

Of course the size of the library depends on several factors.  The SMART Exchange (for Smart Notebook lessons) has been around a long time, lessons can be made much faster, and is crowd-sourced, so naturally it is much larger than Minecraft’s library.  Minecraft EE has only existed a couple years, is more time-intensive to create, and is not crowdsourced, so naturally there are fewer lessons, but that number is still over 600 complete lessons.

Sort by Subjects

Get started with Minecraft: Education Edition using these starter kits, each with 
lessons, downloadable worlds and tutorials in core school subjects. 

In addition to searching within a specific subject, you can also search through All lessons, using filters for age level and/or more specific topics.  If you create an account on the site, you can also mark lessons you like as favorites and add notes to a lesson, which then become searchable as well.

Search with Lesson Filters

Screenshot of the age and topical filters on Minec

Minecraft is an incredibly engaging platform.  Setting up a world and corresponding lesson can potentially be incredibly time-consuming.  Take advantage of the existing lesson library available to you, and then, when you are ready, take the next step of making a copy of a lesson and replacing the academic content to create your own lesson without having to create a whole new world!

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