Day One I’ve been meditating on the idea of doing 365 ideas for Office 365, and I’m ready to dive in.  I realize that my “Chrome Extension of the Week” idea lasted for like, four or five weeks, and that was once a week, and this  idea is every day for a year, but I think I’m ready for the challenge. So, join me on this adventure! Terminology To start, let’s clarify some terminology.  Strictly speaking, One Drive is the actual cloud storage, and Office 365 is all of the Microsoft online tools, including One Drive, that you can access from One Drive.  The MicrosoftRead More →

Storyboards are often associated with Hollywood, as part of the process of making a movie.  They are a visual medium between the written script and the actual film that lays out the basic events of the plot, or a more focused and more detailed storyboard might outline the events in an action scene.  In fact, a storyboard is just that- a visual outline.  Hollywood didn’t invent the storyboard, though.  That credit really goes back to the creators of cave drawings many thousands of years ago, maybe in a sense perfected by Egyptians in hieroglyphics. While Hollywood uses storyboards as an intermediate step in a production,Read More →