Several of the OneNote summer updates have to do with options for distribution of content to students in OneNote Class Notebook.  Welcome to Day 59 of 365 Ideas for Office 365.  OneNote makes differentiation easy.  Differentiating content and assignments What do you do when you are not running a digital classroom, and you haven’t gone paperless, and you want to differentiate by giving a different assignment to different students?  Easy, you hand a different sheet to different students.  How do you do the same in a digital classroom?  Well, if that digital classroom is using OneNote Class Notebook you simply use Individual page distribution, likeRead More →

We interrupt the regularly scheduled article to introduce some amazing new updates to OneNote.  Day 58 of 365 Ideas for Office 365 is for the math teachers out there.  The OneNote Windows 10 app continues to be where Microsoft unleashes the innovation, even when it integrates with other tools.  In this case, the other tool is Microsoft Forms, where OneNote can autogenerate a quiz based on a sample problem. OneNote Math Tools You can create a single math problem in OneNote, and use the Math tool to solve it.  (Didn’t know OneNote did that?  Check it out here.)  But now, in addition to choosing toRead More →